Orthographies 25 (Calligrams series)

Acrylic on wood . 60cm x 90cm . 2002


Orthographies 13/14 (Calligrams series)

Acrylic on wood . 50cm x 50cm . 2002


1959 - Beira, Mozambique.

- Course in Plastic Arts with a specialization in Painting at E.S.B.A.L. (Superior School of Fine Arts of Lisbon), Lisbon;
- Course in Communication Design at IADE (Institute of Art, Design and Enterprise), Lisbon;
- Scholarship granted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.

1981/82 - Collection and archiving of the drawings of the E.S.B.A.L. estate,
XIX/XX centuries, process oriented by Professor Carlos Amado;
1984/87 - Ceramic, research of glasses for artisanal ceramics, Mafra;
1984/98 - Graphic Design, Artistic Direction (author of the logo of the city of Torres Vedras);
1992 - Project of Installation at the Municipal Museum of Torres Vedras, south wing;
2002/2010 - Graphic Designer; Engraving (addictive technique); Producer and partner of the Cooperativa Árvore, Artists of Plastic Arts Association, Porto; Engraver and Painter.

2017 - Individual, "III/2", Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
2017 - Editor's Choice, Celeste Prize, Italy;
2015 - Collective, Luxembourg Art Prize, Hervé Lancelin Gallery, Luxembourg;
2015 - Nomination, Art Luxembourg Prize 2015;
2015 - Individual, “So What”, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
2014 - Individual, “Caligramas”, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
2013 - Collective, Simoncini Gallery, Luxemburg;
2002 - Individual, "Ortografias", Cooperativa Árvore, Porto;
2002 - Collective, Cooperativa Árvore, Porto;
2001 - Collective, Cooperativa Árvore, Porto;
2001 - Individual, “Babel ”, Artela Gallery, Lisbon;
2001 - Collective, C.A.M., Coimbra;
2001 - Collective, Solar of the Square of Sta. Maria, Óbidos;
2001 - I International Auction of Art, Fábrica das Artes, Torres Vedras;
2001 - Collective, Arte e Oficina Gallery, Setúbal;
2000 - Collective, “Simetria”, Cascais Cultural Center, Cascais;
2000 - Individual, “Palcos de Silêncio”, Cólicas Gallery - Contemporary Art,
Ponte do Rol, Torres Vedras;
2000 - Collective, “750 Anos da Carta de Foral”, engraving, Fábrica das Artes, Torres Vedras;
2000 - Collective, “Erótica 2000”, engraving, Fábrica das Artes, Torres Vedras;
1983 - Collective, "Papel como Suporte II", National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon;
1982 - Collective, "Papel como Suporte I", National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon;
1982 - Collective, "Artistas Torreenses", Évora;
1982 - Collective, "II Salão de Abril", Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura, Torres Vedras;
1981 - Collective, Drawing, Opinião Gallery, Lisbon.