Observable Universe

Enamel on aluminum . 55cm x 55cm . 2011


Tycho Brahe

Enamel on aluminium . 55cm x 45cm . 2011


1981 - Lisboa, Portugal.

2004/2006 - MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, London;
1998/2004 - Licentiate in Fine Art-Painting, Faculty of Fine-Art, University of Lisbon, Lisbon;
2000/2002 - Fine Art Drawing, National Society of Fine Art, Lisbon.

2015 - Without Shores, ASC Gallery, London (curated by Ross Chisholm);
2015 - The Antimatter Factory, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin
(curated by Christine Niehoff);
2014 - Full Circle, UBM, London
(curated by Jacqui McIntosh and Mairia Evripidou / Drawing Room);
2013 - Remade in Portugal, Fundação EDP, Porto;
2013 - The Starseed Transmission, Enclave, London, part of Deptford X
(curated by Lucy A. Sames);
2013 - System Failure, Great Western Studios, London
(curated by Sandra Erbacher);
2013 - Coletiva, Ybakatu - Espaço de Arte, Curitiba, Brazil;
2012 - Look to the Sky, National Glass Centre, Sunderland;
2012 - Parallels of Latitude, UBM, London
(curated by Drawing Room);
2011 - 1 Attempt to Find the Snark#5, Lisbon Art Fair - Propostas Space, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon;
2011 - El Aprendiz de Coleccionista, Pepe Cobo y cía, Madrid;
2011 - So Here We Are, Kunstverein Speyer, Speyer (catalogue);
2011 - Between Worlds, Folkestone, part of Folkestone Triennial
(curated by Field);
2011 - Time_Space_Causality, Bari, Italy
(curated by Cinzia Cagnetta and Giuseppe Pinto);
2010 - Paper Jam, The Gallery Goldsmiths, London
(curated by Sandra Erbacher);
2009 - Platform, The Raymond Gun Gallery, London;
2009 - Space Distance Ladder, St Davids Hall, Cardiff
(curated by Ruth Cayford);
2009 - Exhibit 1, The Old Police Station, London;
2009 - Fidelidade Mundial Art Prize, Chiado8, Lisbon (catalogue);
2009 - Pintura: Olhar 20/30, Paulo Amaro Contemporary Art, Lisbon;
2008 - X Mostra International Union Fenosa,
Museo de Arte Contenporaneo Union Fenosa, A Coruña (catalogue);
2008 - I Always Tell the Truth Even When I Lie, Axisweb (curated by Helen Jones);
2008 - More Today Than Yesterday, Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne;
2008 - Em Diferentes Escalas, Espaço Avenida, Lisbon
(curated by Nuno Sousa);
2007 - What Can a Desert Island Do?, Seventeen Gallery, London
(curated by Paul Pieroni);
2007 - SpearCraft, Standpoint Gallery, London (curated by Andy Jackson);
2007 - Stick*Stamp*Fly, Gasworks, London;
2007 - I Love Peckham Shop Windows, Jay Opticians, London
(curated by Emily Druiff);
2006 - Rag and Bone, Three Colts Gallery, London;
2006 - The Dream of Reason, TemporaryContemporary, London
(catalogue, co-curated with Elysa Lozano);
2006 - Urbanismo: linhas e contornos, 24b – Contemporary Art, Lisbon;
2005 - E=mc2, National Museum of Science and Technique, Coimbra
(curated by Miguel Amado);
2005 - 5th Prize Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso,
Amarante (catalogue);
2005 - We’re Good at That, 41a Tudor Rd, London;
2004 - Antecip’Arte, Estufa Fria, Lisbon;
2004 - Preview II, Iduna Space, Oporto (catalogue, co-curated with Mário Pires Cordeiro);
2004 - Preview I, Iduna South, Lisbon (catalogue, co-curated with Mário Pires Cordeiro);
2004 - Brut 10 Mohs, Interpress Building, Lisbon;
2003 - Night Stand, Boat President, London;
2003 - Work in Progress, The Tunnel, Hatfield;
2002 - Colectiva, Arte Periférica, Lisbon;
2002 - The Opposite Direction / Easily Reversible, ZDB, Lisbon (catalogue).

2012 - À Distância, Ybakatu - Espaço de Arte, Curitiba, Brazil;
2011 - Extra-Ordinário, Galeria Monumental, Lisbon;
2011 - This Otherworld, The Bun House, London (curated by Field);
2010 - Do It Yourself (night sky experience), The Old Police Station, London
(curated by Anthony Gross);
2010 - Tum Tum from Planet Lum, Round the Corner, Lisbon
(curated by Ana Pinheiro Torres);
2009 - 11 OLLOPA, Paulo Amaro Contemporary Art, Lisbon;
2007 - Interferometria, 24b – Contemporary Art, Lisbon.

2014 - 1 Attempt to Find the Snark #5, Drawing Room commission, London;
2009 - Honours awarded in Painting at Fidelidade Mundial Art Prize, Lisbon;
2006 - Grant awarded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, London;
2005 - Portuguese representative at II Latin Union Young Creation Prize, Lisbon;
2003 - Socrates-Erasmus at the Faculty of Art & Design, Hatfield;
2001 - Honours awarded in Drawing at Jov’Art (Fresh Art), Loures.

2016 - White Masks (with composer Silvia Rosani and cellist Esther Saladin), Great Hall, Goldsmiths, University of London (premiere).