1964 - Zurich, Switzerland.

1983/1991 - Medicine Course, University of Zurich, Bologna, Hamburg;
1997/2000 - Drawing Course, Superior School of Fine Arts, HGKZ;
2000/2001 - Scenography Studies, HGKZ;
Desde 2001 - Own Atelier - Illustration and Scenography;
- Scenography and costumes for various theaters and films (short films);
- Scenography for exhibitions and events;
- Illustration for various journals, magazines, posters and publicity.

2001 - “Filmbilder“, Exhibition and Staging, HGKZ;
2007 - “O lugar do crime“, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
2011 - Tile Panel, Hammam “Stadtbad Volkshaus“, Zurich;
- Painting, Group Exhibition, “Kunstszene Zürich”, Zurich;
2012 - Painting, Group Exhibition, “Hotel Erotique“, Burger Stocker Galley, Zurich;
- Artistic Concept of a Swimming Pool, Oliv Architekten, Zurich;
- “Laçarias”, Tile Panel, Private House, Zurich;
- “Nuvem”, Tile Panel, Private House, Zurich;
- “A Linha do Oeste”, Painting and Installation, Group Exhibition, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
2014 - “Melancia“, Objects (Tile/Neon), Group Exhibition,
“Catch of the Year”, Dienstgebäude Zürich (;
2015 - “Summer on a solitary beach”, Installation,
Grubenstrasse15 (;
2016 - “Il ballo del potere”, Installation, off space “Réunion”, Zurich;
- “Na linha do Oeste”, House Boat, Dom Carlos I Park, Caldas da Rainha;
- "Follow me”, Painting and Tile Panel, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon;
- "Pequenos Formatos”, Group Exhibition, Painting, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon.